Miriam Sommer



Miriam Sasha Sommer


October 4. th 1977


Cobenhagen, Denmark


Cand. mag. in Danish and Communication at The University of Copenhagen.


   Employee at a Danish publishing house in 2007-2010.

  Owner of the communication company, Verbis since 2008.

   Release of www.FriskeSpirer.dk - the Danish sprout portal in 2010.

   Workshops and lectures on sprouting since 2011.

   Author of the Danish book, Friske Spirer - en guide til spiring in 2010.

   Published articles on sprouting in newspapers and magazines in Denmark.

   Release of www.FreshSprouts.dk - the English sprout portal in 2011.

   Release of the e-book Fresh Sprouts - a guide to sprouting in English in 2012.

   Publication of the childrens book, A Sprouts' Wish in 2012.

   Release of many new sprouting videos during 2015.



  I grew up in a house with a garden about 10 kilometres from Copenhagen - the capital of Denmark. We had vegetables in the backyard, windowsills full of plants and sprouts on the dinner table. As I have always been naturally curious, I soon learned how to care for all these varieties of vegetation.    

When I moved to study at the University of Copenhagen, I became a vegetarian and needed low-cost, healthy and green food. I soon began to grow many sprouts again to my own and my roommates' great joy.

While I wrote my thesis at the university, I was a student employee at a publishing house. I got tenure there after I finished my education.

Two years later I had learned everything I needed to know about the publishing industry to be able to publish a book myself. I missed new challanges and soon I got the idea for Fresh Sprouts.

So I created the online encyclopaedia on sprouting, www.FriskeSpirer.dk, as we lacked such a site on sprouting here in Denmark. But I needed some real quality knowledge in this area, so I contacted people who research and work with plants on a daily basis to ask them about the many nuances on a sprouts life and how to grow them the right way.

My growing knowledge became part of the website and soon the number of visitors grew rapidly.

Once the site was up and running, I decided to give the many visitors a possibility to get all the basic information and many different tips on sprouting in a book. Thus, the Danish version of Fresh Sprouts - a guide to sprouting was released in the summer of 2010.

The sproutbook was a success, so in the early summer of 2012 I chose to publish the title in English as an e-book and a print on demand. The book is now posted on Amazon and iTunes world wide. So now sprout lowers everywhere can enjoy the Fresh Sprouts' universe worldwide.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have had creating it. I promise that I am far from done letting it grow. "


Many smiles from Denmark
Miriam Sommer

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