Fennel sprouts




Red sprouts in the sun

A fresh juice with 'red' alfalfa sprouts
1 person

1 tsp Alfalfa
2 tbsp pomegranate
1½ organic orange
½ organic lemon
2 cm cucumber

Step by step
Soak the Alfalfa for 8 hours and sprout for 5-6 days untill the leaves unfold.
Rinse the hulls off the sprouts in a bowl with water, drip off and set aside.
Juice the orange and lemon. Pour the juice into a blender along with pomegranate and cucumber. Blend untill the consistency is fluent. Pour the juice through a strainer and into a glass. Add the sprouts just before serving. The sprouts often fall of to the bottom but become visible again as the juice is drunk. The sprouts can of course be eaten in the end.

Tea with liquorice-like fennel sprouts

Do you like anis and liquorice? Here is a fresh sprout tea with that taste.

2 tbsp Fennel seeds
1 pinch of licorice powder

Step by step
Soak the Fennel seeds for 8 hours and grow them for 7-9 days untill the leaves unfold. Remove the grainy hulls by hand if the sprouts have not already thrown them during their growth.
Warm water to about 80 °C and pour it into a glass for a nice visual effect. Add licorice powder and stir. Let it cool till the water is about 50 °C. Put all the fennel sprouts - except 20 of them - in a garlic press and squeeze them so the juice drips into the cup with hot water. Discard the pressed sprouts or eat them. Then add the 20 whole fennel sprouts into the glass. Serve immediately.
Tip You can make the tea on mint leaves instead of licorice powder, if you prefer a fresher taste.

Violet juice with purple sprouts

A true beauty to you with a taste for colors.

½ tsp Red cabbage
3 tbsp Alfalfa
3 cm fresh beetroot
1 apple
7 cm cucumber
1 cm slice of pineapple
1 cm ginger
1 tbsp Omega 3-6-9 oil

Step by step
Soak the Red cabbage and Alfalfa seeds for 8 hours and cultivate separately for 5-7 days untill the leaves unfold.
Rinse the sprouts in a bowl of water. Cut the sprout tops off the red cabbage seeds and save them with a few whole Alfalfa sprouts. Save the Red cabbage stems and roots for your next salad or eat them now.
Add the whole alfalfa and other ingredients to the juicer. Juice and add the oil to the finished juice as you pour into a glass. Garnish with the red cabbage tops and alfalfa sprouts.
Tip You can replace Red cabbage sprouts with Radish sprout tops. Note Radish are very beautiful but quite strong in flavor and is used only in small amount as decoration.

Cool and fresh juice with fennel sprouts

A sweet and healthy juice with sprouts.

1 tsp Fennel seeds
2 apples
5 cm cucumber
1 orange
4 cm ginger
2 crushed ice

Step by step
Soak the Fennel seeds for 8 hours and grow for 7-9 days untill the leaves unfold.
Remove the seed hulls fwith gentle fingres, if they have not fallen off the sprouts by themselves. Rinse the sprouts thoroughly and place them in Lemon water for 10 minutes. Put cucumber, orange and ginger in your juicer. Crush the ice and pour it in the glass with the juice. Add fennel sprouts in the glass for garnish.
Tip You can of course eat the sprouts in the end.

Sprouts of sunshine

A juice with lots of vitamins for inner sunshine.

1 tbsp Alfalfa
2 cm fresh ginger
4 cm broccoli cane
1 slice fresh pineapple
5 cm cucumber
1 cm organic lemon with peel
1 tbsp Omega 3-6-9 oil

Step by step
Soak Alfalfa seed for 8 hours and grow for 5-7 days untill their leaves unfold.
Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Save a few sprouts for garnish. Pack your juice machine tightly with the Alfalfa sprouts in between the other ingredients. Juice everything and add the oil to the finished juice. Garnish with sprouts.
Tip You can mix ½ teaspoon Broccoli seeds to the Alfalfa seeds and grow them together for even more vitamins.
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