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As promised in my book, Fresh Sprouts - a guide to sprouting this page presents you to of all the most popular devices usable for growing sprouts. Both the home-made and specially produced devices.


Sprout BowlBowl

A bowl is the easiest and cheapest way to test whether sprouting is for you. You can simply use the appliances you have in the kitchen to make your own Sprout Bowl.

JarSprout jar

Sprout Jars are really good to cultivate small amounts of sprouts at a time or to test if sprouting is for you.
A home-made Sprout Jar is almost free.

Sprout bagBag

Sprout bags made of organic flax or hemp fibres are incredibly easy and useful for sprouting.You can both use them for sprouting or simply store the sprouts in them.
You can sew your own Sprout Bag or buy a ready made Sprout Bag.

Manual devices of terracottaTerracotta sprouter

There are several sprouting devices made of terracotta - burned clay - on the market.
One of these is the GEO Terracotta Sprouter.

Plastic sprouterManual devices of plastic

There are several sprouting devices made of plastic. They are all good for sprouting many different varieties.
Try the  Bergs Bio Salad    -    Easy Sprout Sprouter
                                                GEO Sprouter    -    Biosnacky Large

Automatic devices of plasticAutomatic sprouter

Some sprouting devices on the market are automatic. That means they will take care of the rinsing and ventilation of the sprouts.
All you have to do is change the water and plug it in.
The two most popular are the Fresh Life and the Easy Green.

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If you miss a specific device on the list, feel free to write a mail about it. Preferably with a link to the manufacturer's website. Write to Fresh Sprouts.
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