Brassica napus
__ Organic rape seeds

Rape seeds 3 days

Rape sprouts 3 days

Sprouting tips ____


  3 DAYS

  6 DAYS



Rape sprouts have a taste that is very reminiscent
of rocket (arugula) salad, but the taste is more round
in my opinion.

If you find your rape sprouts are a little too strong,
in their flavour, you can let them grow a day more
after they have unfolded their leaves before you
harvest them. At that time, the sugars in the plant
have had time to convert, so the taste is milder.

Rape sprouts are botanically the sister of broccoli
sprouts. Therefore the two plants look similar and
contain almost the same nutrients.

They also both have root hairs. These are small
extra roots that grow from the main root. Root hair
look similar to white mold or candy floss. Root hairs
are completely natural, full of fiber and just as
edible as the rest of the sprout.


Vitamins A, B, C, E, K

Minerals Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium,
Zinc, Phosphorus

Bonus Materials: Glucosinolates (GLS) and
isothiocyanates (ITC)

Protein 2% - because sprouts consists of 75% water


Rape seed are available in several sizes. You will
learn that seeds of low quality are so small that they
will typically fall through the holes in your sprouter,
so I recommend you choose your seed supplier

Rape sprouts are grown till they unfold their first set
of small heart-shaped leaves. The sprouts are about
10 cm tall without roots. The roots are 5-6 cm long.

If the leaves lack color, you can place your sprouter
in a slightly lighter spot but NOT in direct sunlight.
After a day in the light the leaves have developed
lots of chlorophyll and become dark green.


Rape sprouts are mostly enjoyed for their taste and
for their many nutrients. You only get the full advantage
of the many nutrients when you eat rape sprouts raw,
as vitamins and antioxidants are heat-sensitive.

Fortunately raw rape sprouts have a delicious rocket-like
taste. I often use my rape sprouts in raw salads or as a
garnish on other dishes.

I also like to eat the dense, white roots, because
they are full of nutrients and fiber. Often I blend
the roots with carrots and tomatoes into dips.

You can also blend the roots into smoothies and
only use the stems and leaf  in salads, but of
course the use is completely up to you.
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