Omelet with bean sprouts, spinach, onions and tomatoes

A traditional omelet with surprise of sprouts
2 persons
tbsp Mung beans
tbsp Green lentils
2 eggs
100 grams of fresh spinach
1 slice rye bread
2 cherry tomatoes / 1 large tomato
1 stalk scallion onion
Coconut oil
Salt / Pepper
Step by step
Let Lentils and Mung beans soak for 10 hours and sprout them for 2-4 days or untill the white tip is 1-2 cm long. Rinse the sprouts and vegetables thoroughly. Let the water drain away thoroughly. Cut the spinach, scallion and tomatoes finely.
Whip the eggs well with salt and pepper. Heat the pan and add a little oil. Pour the mixture on to the pan. Immediately after add the sprouts and greens, stir so they are worked into the omelet.
Serve piping hot with a slice of toasted bread.
Tip You can grow a teaspoon of Arugula sprouts and use them as a tasteful garnish on top of the dish.

Omelet with vitamin-rich sprouts

Fresh and filling for lunch or dinner
2 persons
3 tbsp Green lentils
tbsp mixed Broccoli, Clover and/or Rape seed
tbsp Diakon radish seeds
3 eggs

2 egg whites
Omelet with sprouts¼ green pepper
tbsp oil
1 clove crushed garlic
1 finely chopped shallot
50 grams of fresh spinach leaves
1 pinch dried chilli
Step by step
Soak the Green lentils for 8 hours and sprout for 3-4 days untill the white tip is 1-2 cm long.
Soak the mixed Broccoli, Clover and/or Rape seeds for 8 hours and cultivate for 6-7 days till they unfold their first leaf.
Soak the Diakon radish seeds for 8 hours and sprout for 6-7 days till first leaf unfold.
Rinse the sprouts in a bowl of water untill the hulls are rinsed away. You can choose to cut the quite dominating roots off Broccoli, Rape and Daikon, just before you serve them if you wish. The roots can be blended into smoothies or dips. Use the tops for this course.
Whip the eggs and egg whites with salt and pepper. Heat the oil in a small frying pan and fry garlic, shallot and spinach leaves herein. Season with chili. Pour the  egg mixture into the pan and immediately add the lentil sprouts. Fry the the omelet over a moderate heat. Lift the egg mixture with a spatula around the edges. Turn off the heat and leave the omelet to set. Garnish with sprout tops and the dish is ready.
Tip You can use Red lentils, Mung beans or Peas in stead of Green lentils.
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