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12 easy steps to lentil sprouts in a bowl

Legumes in bowlEager to sprout away?


You only need a bowl, a towel and some organic lentils....and a few days.


How to grow lentil sprouts in a bowl

It is very easy to grow your own lentil sprouts. Here is how you do it:

   1. Buy a bag of whole, untreated, organic, normally edible lentils.

   2. Mesure out a good handful of organic lentils of your own choice.

   3. Let the lentils soak in a cup with fresh, cool water for 8-10 hours.

    4. The lentils will absorb much water, so fill the glass well.

    5. Pour away the soaking water.

   6. Rinse the lentils thoroughly with clean fresh water.

   7. Let the water drain away but do not rub or dry the lentils.

    8. Put the moist lentils in a glass or porcelain bowl.

   9.Wring a towel in water and put it over the opening of the bowl.

 10. Let the lentils be moist but not lay in direct water during cultivation.

 11. Place the bowl out of direct sunlight in a shady but not dark place.

 12. Rinse morning and night following point 6 to 12.

When the shoot on the sprout is over 1 centimetre long, the sprouts are ready to eat. Just rinse the sprouts thoroughly one last time and you can enjoy the delicious taste of 100 % organic, homegrown sprouts!

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