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Sprouts in a jar in only 10 steps

Sprout jarReady to sprout?


For the jar method you only need a jar, some tulle, a rubber band and some organic lentils.


Then you will have fresh sprouts in just a few days



How to grow lentil sprouts in a jar

It is very easy to grow your own lentil sprouts in a home-made jar.
Here is how you do it:
     1     Pour the dry lentils into the jar up to 1/6 of the jar in height.
     2     Pour fresh, cool water into the glass until there is 3 times more
            water than lentils.
     3     Let the lentils soak for 8-10 hours.
     4     Pour the soaking water away.
     5     Rinse lentils and jar thoroughly with fresh, cool water.
            There should be no plant material on the inside of the jar afterwards.
     6    Let all the water drain completely, but do not rub or wipe the lentils.
     7    Rinse the tulle and place it over the glass opening in one layer.
     8    Put the jar with a 45 % downwards angle towards the opening in a
           colander or on a dish rack to let the last water drain slowly.
     9    Place the jar away from direct sunlight in a shady corner of the kitchen.
           Note that sprouts should never be put into cabinets or drawers. This will
           cause mold and mildew in the sprouts.
   10    Rinse the sprouts thoroughly morning and evening by remowing the
           tulle from the jar and following step 4-9. Put the tulle back over the
           opening once your are done.
When the little white shoot on the sprout is over 1 centimeters long the sprouts are ready to be eaten. Just rinse the sprouts thoroughly one last time and you can enjoy the delicious taste of 100 % organic, homegrown sprouts!

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