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Sprouts in a home-made jar

Sprout jarA homemade sprout jar is very easy to make from a glass jam jar with a big opening, a rubber band and some cloth made out of tyl or hemp.


The device is good for new sprout cultivators who wish to try out sprouting before buying a sprouter of good quality that cares better for the sprouts.


The cheapest version of a homemade SproutJar consists of is a piece of meshed tulle, a strong rubber band and a large jam jar with a large opening. Alternatively, you can choose another glass, just as long as the opening is as large as possible to ensure the best ventilation of the sprouts.
So price? Approximately £ 2.


Deending on the jar size one glass can hold 1½ handful of cultivated lentil sprouts. You should not fill the glass more than that as the jar does not ventilate the sprouts very well to begin with. More sprouts will hinder the flow of air and cause unwanted bacteria growth.


A homemade germinate glass is easy to make.
You can choose to either let the cloth covering the glass opening be made of either tulle, hemp or flax/linnen. If you choose the first one, then you can pour the rinsing water out directly through the tulle.
If you choose the latter, then you should remove the cloth, when you rinse the sprouts, so you do let unnecessarily plant material sit in the fabric as this will give good breading ground for bacteria growth.
Small and elderly hands should have no trouble using this sprouter.
A sprout jar should be placed in an angle of 45 degrees during sprout cultivation. This allows for any excess water to drain from the jar between each rinse.


Because the glass is heat resistant you can easily clean it with hot water and a stiff brush. You can even pour boiling water into it if you want to ensure a completely clean environment for your sprouts.
The tulle can be washed with soap.
Flax/linnen and hemp fabric can be boiled in clean water. You can find the detailed techniques of good results with your homemade germinate glass in the sprout book.
Always rinse the glass and cloth well with clean water after havin washed them, so there is no excess soap in the jar or cloth.


Your homemade germinate glass is suitable for large seeds, legumes and large cereal grains.
You do not get any good result of growing gelling seeds - such as cress - in this sprouter.They will simply rot, because the glass does not ventilate these demanding seeds well enough.
If you want to grow sprouts of gelling seeds, so you can choose a GEO Terracotta Sprouter or read about one of the clever solutions in the sprout book.
The glass is not suitable for growing unhulled seeds - such as sunflower - either as hulls and sprouts become entangled making the whole thing inedible unless you want to spend time sorting out the empty hulls by hand.


The glass can keep for many years.
The tulle can also keep for a long time, but you should replace your hemp or linen fabrics every few months.
But you will rarely get to the point of having to replace the hemp and linen. If you have fallen for this healthy hobby, you should treat yourself with one of the ready-made sprouting devices from the list to the left of the screen. They are much easier to use and can be uset to grow all types sprouts.


A homemade sprouting glass rarely weights more than 250 grams.


A fully assembled SproutJar is approximately 18 cm wide and 13 cm high. You need to put it in a bowl or on a dish rack to ensure the correct angle. Off course the bowl or dish takes up space, but all in all a SproutJar is in itself not a space consuming solution.


It is true that the homemade jar is not a design beauty, but it is cheap and easy to create yourself. So all in all: A fine choice on your way to becoming a passionate sprout grower!


You will easily find both jar, tulle and a strong rubber band in stores all over the world. It may be a little harder to find organic flax or hemp fabric. For this search Fresh Sprouts recommend a trip in cyper space.


Fresh Sprouts give your Homemade SproutJar 2 out of 5 sprouts.
 Sprout jar
This grade because it is easy and inexpensive to make, but it is not suitable for large quantities of sprouts and you can only use it for relatively few sprout types.
It is easy to rinse the sprouts in the jar but the device ventilates and drains the sprouts very poorly, which does not create a good environment for your sprouts.
Pea sprout

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