GEO Terracotta Sprouter

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GEO Terracotta Sprouter - 100% natural material

GEO Terracotta SprouterA GEO Terracotta Sprouter is a beautiful sprout device made of burnt unglazed clay.
It has a solid lid, three germination trays with holes in the bottoms and a solid collection tray for excess water.
Each tray can be closely assembled or it can be rotated for better ventilation.
The picture shows the rotated position of the trays.



A GEO Terracotta Sprouter will cost about £ 29.95 at



Each tray can hold 3 handfuls of lentil sprouts.



The container is easy to put together and take apart again. It consists of pure clay, and is thus 100% natural material. This naturally appeals to our ecological heart.

The holes in the bottom of each tray are very small and there are few of them. This means that it takes a long time to rinse the sprouts and it is difficult to rinse them thoroughly.

The small holes are no smaller than small seeds get jammed in them and stops the water outlet, which is very annoying.



This sprout container can be cleaned with very hot water and a stiff brush. Do not use soap as it is sucked into the container and later released to the sprouts.

If the container has become discoloured, then Fresh Sprouts have good experience with boiling the tray in clean water and then give it a good scrubbing with a brush. Then it looks good again.

If there are seeds in the holes in the bottom of the trays, they can be removed with a sewing needle.



In the temperate climate here in Scandinavia a GEO Terracotta Sprouter dries out pretty quickly if you only rinse your sprouts twice a day. This means that the device is not very good for the moisture-loving seeds varieties.

In the Fresh Sprout book you can learn how to better retain moisture in this and other sprouting devices.

This terracotta device is better for sprouting legumes, which may be cultivated in more than layer in each tray.

However, the GEO Terrakotta Sprouter is sublime for the gelling seeds such as cress. These thrive in clay containers.
In this container the mucilaginous seeds are grown without cotton in the bottom of the trays. This means you get more benefit from your sprouts in this container, because you do not have to cut away the roots, which are entangled in cotton.



The container is of high quality and it keep well for years if you do not drop it on the floor, because then it may very well break.



The complete sprouter weighs 2.5 kg. Each tray is in itself quite heavy, which you should consider if the loving hands caring for the sprouts are not that strong.



A fully assembled GEO Terracotta Sprouter is 18 cm wide and 26 cm high.



The container is without doubt one of the most aesthetically pleasing germination containers on the market.

Like any 100% natural material, it 'ages' with grace.

Fresh sprouts have had the sprouter for more than 2 years and despite avid use, it is not cracked or broken.

If the use discolours it, Fresh Sprouts simply give it a thorough scrubbing as described under Cleaning.

 GEO Terracotta Sprouter


This container may be difficult to find in health food stores.
Instead, you can buy GEO Terracotta Sprouter via the online store



Fresh Sprouts give GEO Terracotta Sprouter 3 out of 5 sprouts.
The high rating is actually only based on the good looks and durability of this sprouter.
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