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GEO Sprouter - one of the best sprouters

GEO Sprouter by BavicchiA GEO Sprouter from Bavicchi holds the moisture around the little sprouts amazingly well, although each tray is lifted from underneath, and the upper tray has no cover.


The sprouter is suitable for all types of sprouts in the same tray or spread out in each of the three trays.

Without any doubt one of the best choices for new and experienced sprout growers.



A GEO Sprouter from Bavicchi costs £ 19.95 on Amazon.co.uk.


Each of the three hills in the container can hold 4 handfuls cultivated lentil sprouts.


The container consists of three trays with holes in the bottom and a lower solid tray to collect water.
Each tray is held together by a 3 cm high plastic part, which at the same time ensures that the trays 'float' above the other.
If these parts calcify, it may be difficult to separate the trays. But the issue is easily resolved with a thorough cleaning. Fresh Sprouts have chosen to grind the outside of the plastic parts a bit with sandpaper so that the trays are easier to disassemble.
Other than that the GEO Sprouter is really simple and easy to use.
It is equally suitable for young and older sprout lovers with less strength in their hands.


All parts of the container is made of molded plastic.
Fresh Sprouts do not have a dishwashing machine, but have heard that the container can withstand a trip in the machine when the trays need to be made thoroughly cleaned.
It is recommended to place the container in a water bath after the ride in the dishwasher. That way you are you sure there are no soap residue left in the trays.
Fresh Sprouts has positive experience in distilling the separate trays with H2O2 - Hydrogen peroxide - in a very weak solution no higher than max 0,3% strong.
This method will also clean the sprouter thoroughly.
You can read about the technique in the book from Fresh Sprouts.
The GEO Sprouter can even withstand thorough washing with a sponge and ordinary dish washing soap.


The GEO Sprouter is suitable for growing all types of sprouts.
But if you wish grow gelling seeds - such as chia - the sprouter requires smal moderations. You can find all the clever techniques in the Fresh Sprout book. With them you can use this sprouter for more than 40 varieties.


All parts of the container consists of plastic in very good quality.
Despite many years of use the plastic does not go brittle, so it will not break. On the whole, with this sprouting device will last really well and can even tolerate that you loose it on the floor several times.


A GEO Sprouter weight despite its size only 650 grams.


Each tray is 21 cm. wide and 4.5 cm high.
The total height including the plastic between the parts is 25 cm.


The entire container is in plain, greenish plastic. It may well be that it will not look good in a design home, but it is still one of the nicest sprouting containers on the market.
And it has its charms, that you can actually watch your sprouts in each tray without lifting lid or container stand apart.

GEO Sprouter



The GEO Sprouter from Bavicchi may be dificult to find in
your local health food store.
Instead, you can buy it through Amazon.co.uk.


Fresh Sprouts gives GEO Sprouter 5 out of 5 sprouts.
There is no doubt that this sprouting device is designed and conceived by an experienced sprout grower. Fresh sprouts are certainly very pleased with the design, quality and usability!
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