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FreshLife Automatic Sprouter - an easy choice for sprout lovers

FreshLife SprouterA Fresh Life Automatic Sprouter from Tribest is a fully automatic sprouting device.


It must be placed on the kitchen table near a power outlet. But then it provides for both irrigation and ventilation of the seedlings.

The container is good for the busy sprout grower who wants to eat many sprouts on a daily basis.



A Tribest FreshLife Sprouter costs £ 78.95 at Amazon.co.uk.


Each tray - you can buy one extra to put on top of the standard one - can contain 8 handfuls of fully grown lentil sprouts.


It sounds tempting to pour up a few handfuls of dry sprout subjects in the tray, and then leave the device to itself until you want to open the lid again some days later and eat the sprouts. But ... Fresh Sprouts strongly recomment that you change the water every day and wash the tank thoroughly.
Otherwise the same, bacteria-filled water will run through the system again and again. It does not give you healthy sprouts to your body's pleasure!
The American manual for the sprouter actually recommends that the user circumvents this problem by pouring hydrogen peroxide in the rinse water so you do not have to change the water! Fresh Sprouts strongly urge you to forget that idea. Hydrogen peroxide does not only kill the bad bacteria but all living beings including your sprouts, so...
So change the water every day and feel the ease of the sprouter taking good care of your sprouts every day untill you wish to eat them. With this approach the container is very easy to use.
Each tray is large and bulky so small or weak hands can benefit from choosing a manual sprout container as a GEO Sprouter in its place.


The container is easy to clean manually.
Fresh sprouts will not recommend a trip into the dishwashing mmachine but regular washing with a soft sponge and soap.
If the pipes and sprinkler calcify, Fresh Sprouts have had good experience with dissolving the lime with the use of a very weak lime dissolver made for coffee machines.


You can grow several varieties in the same tray.
However, the sprouter in whole is not suitable for the gel-forming seed - such as Chia or Chress.
If you only grow you only grains and legumes this purchase is over the top as you can easily grow such easy and short time growing sprouts in another more low-priced device such as the GEO Sprouter.


The container is of good quality. It lasts for many years if you do not drop it on the floor and otherwise clean and store it properly.
Do not let the container stand in direct sunlight. This will tenderize the plastic as is the case with all plastics.


Without water or sprouts the FreshLife Sprouter weighs 220 grams / 2,2 kg.
The machine has a motor which drives the small pump, which ensures the water cycle. It is primarily this motor, which provides the high weight, since the rest of the container is made of plastic.
Once the bottom tray is filled with water, so you should not move around the tank. It will then typically weigh more than 2.6 pounds.


A FreshLife Automatic Sprouter is not less than 28.3 cm in width and 38 cm in height.
You can purchase an optional tray and put on top of the first. Then, the container is more than 60 in height.


A Fresh Life Automatisk Sprouter is a machine that is actually quite nice looking. It could well live in an elegant home in the diet conscious but style-conscious sprout grower.

FreshLife Automatic Sprouter



It can be hard to find this sprouter in your local health food
store as not all retailers are willing to let it be part of their
general stock due to the price.
Instead, you can buy it through Amazon.co.uk.


Fresh Sprouts gives the FreshLife Automatic Sprouter 4 out of 5 sprouts.
The rating is based on the aspect that this automatic sprouter is quite large an difficylt to handle. But it will care well for your sprouts as long as you remember to change the water every day! Then it will give you a high yield of many different varieties in one and the same container every day.
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