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Sprouting in an Easy Sprout Sprouter

EasySproutSprouterAn Easy Sprout Sprouter is one of the best choices for both new and experienced sprout cultivators.


As you can read below the product receives almost nothing but praise from Fresh Sprouts.



An Easy Sprout Sprouter cost about £ 19.95 at Amazon.co.uk.


The device can contain three large handfuls of fully grown lentil sprouts and still have the needed ventilation.


Easy Sprout Sprouter is user friendly because:

  The container is manual, so you must rinse the sprouts themselves.

  It keeps just enough moisture around the seedlings.

  The container has a collecting tray. This allows you to rinse, put the
     device aside to drain and then empty the container several minutes later.

  The container is very simple and easy to use.

  It is easy to disassemble and assemble. This makes it suitable for both
    young and older sprout growers without much strength in his hands. 

  The container is easy to carry in your bag or holiday, as it withstands shock.

  Just remember to wipe the exterior of the container after rinsing, otherwise
     collecting moisture within the container.



An Easy Sprout Sprouter is very easy to clean.

It consists of 7 parts without a lot of edges, where bacteria can hide.

It is completely smooth inside, and thus preserves the good hygiene during cultivation.



The Easy Sprout Sprouter is suitable for all sprouts except the mucilaginous seeds.

There is only one tray for the sprouts, so you can only sprout one group of sprouts at a time. You can however easily mix the varieties within the same group and get a more varied taste.



Fresh Sprouts is quite impressed with the Easy Sprout Sprouters quality because:
   It can withstand being dropped from high altitude, since the plastic material
      is a little flexible.

   It is designed to last for many years. Fresh Sprouts has had one for 2 years.
      It is still beautiful and without cracks.

   The design is well thought through.



All parts are made of plastic so it weighs only 200 grams.


Fully assembled the Easy Sprout Sprouter is 25 centimetre high and 13 centimetre wide.


An Easy Sprout Sprouter is certainly one of the nicest looking sprout containers on the market.

The white color and sleek lines make it downright attractive to show this sprouting device to your dinner guests.

In other words: This container displays sprout growing at its best.


Fresh Sprout Sprouter


This container may be difficult to find in the local health food store.
Instead, you can buy it via the online store Amazon.co.uk.
Since it is made of plastic it will not cost you much to have
it sent to your adress.


Fresh Sprouts give the Easy Sprout Sprouter 5 out of 5 sprouts.
It gets this high rating, because the container is ingenious in design and it is built to last for many years. But as an extra plus, you also get 2 extra lids so that you can both use the container for storage in the refrigerator and can take it along with you in your bag. Way to go!
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