Trifolium pratense
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Clover sprouts are found in a red and a white variety.
White clover sprouts taste like rocket salad.
Red clover sprouts are more neutral in taste and very
reminiscent of their cousin, Alfalfa.
Like Alfalfa both types of clover sprouts gets a long
slender white root. The elegant roots are edible like the
stem and leaves. You can also eat the empty hulls, but
they are bit dull in taste. If you wish to rinse the hulls
away just before you eat the sprouts, the easiest way is
to put the sprouts in a large bowl with water just before
you use them in your food sprouts. Then the hulls are
ready to fall off the grown sprouts.


Vitamins A, B3, C, K
Minerals Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium,
Zinc, Phosphorus, Manganese
Protein 3% - because sprouts consists of 75% water


Clover sprouts are white and green in color regardless of
variety, so it is not easy to tell the difference between the
two types. They are both 12 cm long without roots and 20
cm including the roots.
They are as easy to grow as their botanichal cousin,  Alfalfa.
You can only see the difference between on the seeds. White
clover seeds are light brown. Red clover seeds are reddish
brown in several shades.
The interesting difference is in the taste. If you like bitter
salads, then White clover is for you. If you prefer mild salad
the Red clover sprouts will be better for your taste.


I often use clover sprouts of both types in my smoothies. I
prefer to mask the bitter taste of white clover with cucumber
or juice from red grapefruit and ginger.
You will often find that these sprouts are also easy to use as
substitute for salad. They are a little fragile, so heat is not
their favorite thing, but used in cooled sandwiches, wraps,
cold dips and salads both clover types are lovely and crisp.
I especially like that the whole sprout including the long root
is beautiful as green garnish in all recipes.
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