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Before you buy a sprouting device, you should first consider your needs when sprouting.

Here are 9 practical questions to quide you.



How much money do you spend on the germination container? You can sprout containers ranging from 3 up to £ 250.


How many germs are eating or thinking about eating?
There is a big difference in how many seeds germinate each container can hold.


How much time do you have to fit your sprouts? You can choose from everything from manual sprout containers where you get close to your sprouts at least twice per day to germinate fully automatic machines, which usually do, watering and airing your sprouts as you only need to change the water in the machine daily.


Some sprout containers requiring careful and manual cleaning. Others may be washed in the dishwasher


Would you like to mix several different types of sprouts in each of your salads?
Some sprout containers are only egende to grow one variety of sprouts at a time.

Other containers you can grow several varieties of sprouts at the same time but in individual trays. And then some selected containers exactly suited for the blending varieties.


Is it important for you to sprout container is of high quality?
The vast majority sprout containers sold in the market today are of quite excellent quality, but some last longer than others.


Some sprouters are very light while others are heavy. The weight is important to consider if the caring hands are not that strong.


Most sprouters require limited space, but some are quite big. Think about where there is room for the sprouter out of direct sunlight and then choose the sprouter accordingly.


Some sprout containers destined prettier than others.
In this case, beauty is not necessarily inconsistent with the other criteria.

Pea sprout

How do you choose?

In the menu to the left you will find detailed presentations that take notice of the 9 points listed above.
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