Brassica oleracea
__ Broccoli seeds for sprouting

Sprouted broccoli seeds

Organic Broccoli sprouts

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   2 DAYS

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Broccoli sprouts are eaten raw, but the taste is more
pronounced than the broccoli taste you know from
raw broccoli. The taste similar lightly cooked, crisp
broccoli heads.
Broccoli sprouts have root hairs. Root hairs look
like mold and is visible on the little sprouts after
2 days of cultivation. These roots are completely
natural and part of the broccoli plant nature.
If you look closely at the sprouts, you can see
that the roots only sit on the lower part (the root)
of the sprouts.
You can eat the whole broccoli sprouts including
the roots. You may want to cut the roots off when
you harvest the sprouts, if you want a more
aesthetic looking dish. You can then use the roots
in your smoothie or blend them in hummus.


Vitamins   A, B, C, E, K
Minerals  Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus
Extras    Glucosinolates (GLS) and Isothiocyanates (ITC)
Protein 2% - because Broccoli sprouts consists of 75% water


Broccoli seeds are round and quite small. If you use
quality seeds, the seeds are just large enough not to
fall out through the holes in your sprouter after
they have been soaked.
Broccoli sprouts are always cultivated, till they unfold
their first small leaves. Fully grown they are about
10 cm high ex roots. The roots are 5-6 cm long.
Do you find that the little plant is yellow in the leaves,
you can put the sprouter at a slightly lighter spot.
After a day or so the leaves will have a fine green
color and be filled with natural chlorophyll.
Broccoli sprouts are the sister of Rape sprouts. The
two sprouts are very similar in looks and nutrients. So
if you can not find Broccoli seeds, Rape seeds are an
excellent alternative.


Broccoli sprouts should be eaten raw to preserve
the fine nutrients and the heat-sensitive anti-oxidants
by the name of sulforafaner.
Fortunately raw Broccoli sprouts are delicious in all raw
green dishes. I use my own Broccoli sprouts in salads,
stuffed in green wraps and as ornaments on warm food.
I prefer to wash the black hulls away instead of eating
these as I find I get sufficient fiber in the sprouts ;)
I typically eat the roots during cooking or blend them in
smoothies or use them in green dips.
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