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Sprouting in a bowl - a good start

Sprouting bowlA homemade sprouting bowl is an easy and inexpensive way to grow sprouts.


The device is mainly for first time sprout lovers. Once you fall for the little shoots, you should treat yourself with at real sprouter.


A homemade sprout bowl does not cost more than the bag of dry lentils that you use for sprouts. The used bowl may be one of the small porcelain or glass bowls, which exists in all kitchens.
All you have to do is wring a clean cloth or towel in completely clean cool water without soap.
Fresh Sprouts recommend that you use a piece of organic or eco-certificated cloth made of hemp or flax. That quality means no unwanted substances in your sprouts and hemp or flax tolerate the constant moisture.
And the water? Well, it's almost free, so all in all this solution is possible for all.


Depending on the size of the bowl it can hold a couple of handfuls of fully grown lentil sprouts.


A homemade sprouting bowl is a quick way to grow sprouts for both large and small sprout lovers.
It is not one of the easiest methods, but has a benefit in everyone having the materials in the home to make this simple sprouter.
It can be difficult to keep the towel/cloth constantly moist especially in hot weather. If the cloth dries out, then the sprouts will also dry out. And dry sprouts will not succeed. However, you can do something pretty smart to keep the cloth damp:
1. Wring the cloth in cold, clean water. Put it tightly over the bowl opening.
     The cloth must not touch the sprouts as this will make them they dry out.

2. Place the bowl on top of a plate filled with water and let the cloth be in
     contact with the water.

3. The cloth will now slowly absorb the water from the plate very slowly as
     the water in the cloth evaporates. This way the cloth stays moist all the time.

If you have trouble keeping the cloth tight over the bowl opening, then a strong rubber band put on top of the fabric around the top outer edge of the bowl helps to keep the fabric in place.



The bowl method is only suitable for growing the easiest sprouts such as pulses/legumes and the large cereal grains which are only cultivated for four days.
Smaller seeds will easily fall out of the bowl during rinsing.
Seeds with large shells - Unhulled seeds - grow into a tangle making the whole thing inediable unless you use the method described in the Fresh Sprouts book.
If you want to grow all varieties of sprouts with both ease and great success Fresh Sprouts recommend one of the commercially made sprouters described in the menu to the left of the screen.


The quality depends on your choice of materials.
Always choose porcelain or glass bowls. Plastic or metal may pass undesirable substances on to your sprouts.


The weight of your homemade sprouting bowl depends on the chosen materials.


The amount depends on how a dish you choose.
Fresh Sprouts but recommend a bowl for about one liter. If you choose bigger bowls, so it is harder to rinse the sprouts without damaging them.


The solution is not exactly beautiful, unless you have chic design bowls and use the finest linen or purchase a piece of new linen or hemp cloth for this purpose.But never mind. Now you're starting to grow your own sprouts!


You can use a bowl of glass or porcelain from your kitchen and a completely clean tea towel or a piece of cloth made of flax or hemp.


Sprouting Bowl

Fresh Sprouts gives this container 1 out of 5 sprouts.
A homemade bowl for sprouting is ideal if you just want to try to grow sprouts once or twice before you fall for this healthy hobby.
When you have decided to make the hobby a part of your daily life, you will find you get far better results from your sprouting, if you buy one of the commercial sprouters listed in the menu to the left of the screen.
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