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BergsBioSalad - a Danish quality sprouter

Bergs Bio SaladA Bio Salad is a classic in the Danish world of sprouting. The sprouter is sold in different colours in different parts of the world. In Denmark it is available only in green with brown trays.

This sprouter is great for both beginners and the experienced sprout lovers who want to enjoy a few handfuls of sprouts every day.



A Bio Salad costs about £ 7 at Amazon.co.uk.


Each tray can hold 2 handfuls adult lens sprouts.


The Bergs Bio Salad is composed of 4 basic elements, all of which are made of plastic.
The green top and the brownish, transparant trays are all perforated at the bottom.
The bottom green tray made to collect excess water is solid.
The container is easy to put together and take apart again.
It has no fittings or otherwise to be angled 'right'.
There are a perfect amount of holes in the bottom of each tray so that the rinsing is fast. It is easy to make the sprouts settle evenly in the trays.
The tiniest seed may find its way out through the holes in the bottom. However, if you wash very carefully for the first 2-3 days, then the loss of small seeds is limited.
This whole sprouter is small, easy to use and each tray is light. That makes this sprouting device one of the best choices for families who want to grow sprouts in a small scale but in a user-friendly container for hands without much strength, but lots of love for the young shoots.


This sprout container can be cleaned with very hot water, normal dish washing soap and a soft brush or sponge that does not leave marks.
Always rinse thoroughly with clean water.
If the container has been discolored at the edges, then it is evidence of unwanted bacterial growth. But no worry...The coatings are easy to remove with extra thorough cleaning.
In my Sprout Book you can read a technique for thorough disinfection, so you're sure to get to the bottom in any bacterial growth without damaging neither container nor environment.


A BergsBioSalad is suitable for the production of all types of seeds.
Only beware that the gelling seeds - such as Chia and Cress - requires some degree of moderation of the container. You can read about the three clever techniques in my Sprout Book.


The container is of high quality, and it keeps for years with normal use and cleaning as recommended. It withstands even being dropped on all kinds of floors.


The whole device weighs only 800 grams.


A fully assembled Bio's Salad is 14.5 cm wide and 13.5 cm high. You can buy extra trays to container and building to a height of up to 5 trays.


The container is not exactly a beauty.
The brown trays just does not match with the green top and bottom.
Lime stains show up quickly on the container, causing it to look a little dingy.
On the plus side all parts of the container preserve the colour very well despite many years of intense use.
Fresh Sprouts still own parts of my very first BergsBioSalad. One of the two brown trays went under in my countless experiments. The other parts has held for over 7 years without any break nor have they become discoloured even though they also has been under a bit of strain sometimes.



The BergsBioSalad will soon be put on sale via Amazon.co.uk.
It green variant is only sold via the English branch of Amazon.

If you live in the USA then you could look for a white variant of
this sprouter under the name of Thompson and Morgan Seed


Fresh Sprouts gives Berg Bio Salad 5 out of 5 sprouts.
The high rating is because the design is well thought out, the sprouts are sufficiently ventilated but also kept properly moist year round.
Also rinsing is fast and the container is easy to use, so the high rating is well-deserved.
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