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BioSnacky Large Germinator - a difficult choice

BioSnacky Large GerminatorFresh sprouts are working on getting a container to test, since it can not be bought anywhere in Denmark


Here, you get an immediate assessment based on other sprout cultivators experiences and what yours truly can piece together from pictures of the container on the Internet.



A BioSnacky Large Germinator from A. Vogel costs £ 16.10 at Amazon.co.uk.


There may be 4 handfuls adult lens shoots in each tray.


This sprout container seems user friendly. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, since there are no brackets or anything else to be screwed or pry apart.
Because all parts are made of plastic then each tray is light in weight for the benefit of small and large hands without great muscular force.
You can purchase individual trays and build on the container in height.
However, Fresh Sprouts are not happy with the ides of only one outlet hole in each tray. This means that it takes a long time to rinse the sprouts, which invites you to not rinse the sprouts properly. That means sick sprouts with many bacteria.
With only one hole in each tray, it is also difficult to distribute the sprouts evenly in each tray, when the sprouts naturally drift toward the only exit hole. So...Hmmm!


The container has corners, in which the vertical and horizontal edges meet.
The corners are difficult to clean, but with a soft brush and a little focus it should be possible.
Fresh sprouts do not know if the container is strong enough for the dish washing machine.


You should be able to grow all kinds of shoots in this device.
Except the gelling seeds - such as chia and cress - that is.The moisture is simply too high for the gel-forming seeds and the ventilation of the container is too low. Also the drainage is too poor.
If you grow unhulled seeds - such ad Sunflower - in the trays, you just put the tray on top of the container and lift the lid when the sprouts are pushing from below. These large seeds can remain with the top in the open air as long as the roots do not dry out.


BioSnacky Large Germinator could well be developed by a sprout grower with experience in growing a little of everything. But Fresh Sprouts greatly miss some more holes here and there for better ventilation of the seedlings.
Since the sprouter is made of plastic it keeps for several years with regular thorough cleaning.
The trays can withstand a trip on a wooden floor. A stone floor, however, can cause the trays to splinter.
All parts are made of UV resistant plastic.


A fully assembled but not germinate weighing 1.2 kg container.


Each tray is 20 cm wide and 5 cm high. The assembled container is 16.5 cm high.


The container is elegantly designed and colorless in acrylic.
The transparent look with the frosted bottom looks good in any home. Actually this is clearly one of the prettiest sprouters made in plastic on the market.
It's nice that the whole container is transparent. That way it is easy to keep an eye on the sprouts.

RetailerBioSnacky Large Germinator

BioSnacky Large Germinator is not sold in Denmark or in
Scandinavia for that matter.
The manufacturer, Bioforce, has said, they have no plans
to put the sprouter on the Scandinavian marked.
Therefore you can only buy BioSnacky Large via Amazon.co.uk.


Fresh Sprouts gives BioSnacky Large Germinator 3 out of 5 sprouts.
This rating is given mostly because of the nice design and is neither too big nor too small. However...this sprouter lacks some absolutely essential features that would make this sprout container more user friendly in the daily sprouting.
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