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Fresh Sprouts grew from my idea that everyone should
have the opportunity to enjoy home-grown vegetables
year round - even If you live on the fifth floor in the
centre of a big city, are living in a small dorm room
or your garden is covered in snow.  
I am so luckey to have grown up in a house with a garden.
I learned early on to care for and understand the need of
plants in any growth habitat - from pots to the wild nature.
This understanding of Natures way has laid a seed in me
of the incredible willingness to 'give it a try', if there is even
the slightest chance of success and then just 'press on'
until the small plant has one day grown into a big tree.
The same indomitable will to growth have become part
of my own personality. So when I was looking for a project
I could train my professional knowledge on in 2009
- I had just graduated from the university -
Fresh Sprouts came quite naturally to mind.
Because of course I had to 'plant' a project that express
my love for plants and which can give others a joy
of Nature's many gifts.  


Perhaps you will find something else during your
close experience with the little plants than I have.
Maybe you grow sprouts because they are full of nutrients.   
Maybe you like the idea of ​​knowing how your food is grown
and like the thought of it being organic and clean.  
Maybe you enjoy the joy of having easy access to lots of
organic vegetables with long shelf life.  
It may also be that you love the idea of dressing up
your food with beautiful sprouts in many colours.  
Or you want to surprise your guests with
the story of your home-grown sprouts.
You could also be one of the many searching
a fun project with your children or grandchildren....


Whatever your reasons you are welcome in the world
of Fresh Sprouts. I love to develop the green universe,
give it new angles and become academically and
personally challenged as the project grows.  
So I have as much with Fresh Sprouts, as I hope you
do in your travel around the portal, videos, books,
the wall on facebook, the sprout club
or customer pages....
I wish you a fun journey.
 Broccoli sprouts
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