Adzuki beans for sprouting
Adzuki beans for sprouting
Adzuki beans for sprouting
Adzuki beans for sprouting

Adzuki bean - a colourful bean sprout

Adzuki beans look much like Mung beans but they have a reddish-brown seed hull. These beans are well known to sprout cultivators. They are easy, quick and inexpensive to use for sprouting. And they are even delicious in both hot and cold dishes.


Sprout flavour

Adzuki bean sprouts have a delicious and fresh flavor of hazelnuts mixed with freshly boiled beans. They are firm and crisp in texture even if you choose to give them a short boil. Therefore, they are quite delicious both raw in salads or heated in casseroles.


The maroon seed hull stays on the bean during the first few days. After 3-4 days of sprouting, the hull falls off and the sprouts are white with a pale yellow or sometimes slightly reddish tint. The white sprout grow untill it is only the same length as the bean when harvested and it looks like a small white tip, that eagerly protrudes in sometimes very artistic forms.


Prior to soaking, the beans are approximately 5 mm long. Their color is dusty reddish brown with a nice autumn-like tone. Bean sprouts grow to only 2 times their dry size during sprouting.


For the best germination, you should let the beans to soak for 10-12 hours before cultivation. Bean sprouts are grown until the sprout is only 1,5-2 cm long, as the crispness and fresh nutty flavor will otherwise go of seeds. Bean sprouts are therefore typically not grown till they set leaves. The cultivation time is 4-5 days.


Because beans contain lectins, you should only cultivate the bean varieties where these lectins are neutralized completely by during the sprouting process. Adzuki beans are one of these beans, but for the same reason they should always be cultivated for a minimum of 4 days or until the little white sprouts are at least 1,5 cm long.


Bean sprouts can easily be cultivated in a bowl, jar, sprout bag or different kinds of professional sprouting device. The sprouter should be placed at the kitchen table in a shady corner.

Edible parts

The whole sprout - including the red hull - is edible. However, it is a good idea to remove most of the hulls before serving, as few people find them aesthetically attractive to look at. You could in stead add the hulls to your smoothies, as they are filled with fibers.


Storing the sprouts

Ready-grown bean sprouts will keep for up to a week if the sprouts stored in the refrigerator in a container that allows the sprouts to breathe. The sprouts should still be rinsed once a day, if kept refrigerated. Make sure there is no water in the bottom of the container, as still water will make the sprout go bad.

Storing dry sprout beans

The dry sprout beans should be stored in airtight containers. Place the beans in a dark and slightly cool place to preserve their germination.

Sprout group

Adzuki beans belong to the sprout group called Legumes.

Scientific name

Vigna angularis (Adzuki bean)

Sprout bean test

Fresh Sprouts recommend that you always choose seds, that have been tested for Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli in a laboratory.


Retailer of organic Adzuki beans

Adzuki beans in raw, organic quality, which are seed tested are sold via many stores all over the world.
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